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Let's talk about Sully, because I think she's super cool. This speech she gives to Vaike about why she became a knight sums it up pretty well:

"I was born into a long line of knights. My house and all that crap. This title will be mine by inheritance when the time comes. I could spend my life eating grapes from a damn silver bowl and still be called "sir"! ... [But] there's no honor in accepting something you haven't earned! A knight shouldn't just be lucky enough to be born to some damn noble! A knight has duties. ...Responsibilities. "A knight is brave and true, aids all in need, and defends the weak from evil." I can't up hold that oath without honing my skills. Suffering hardship. All of that. How can I know courage if I don't face bloody death a bunch of times? I'll fight for the Shepherds until I've damn well EARNED the title of knight!"

SULLY. IS. A LADY. AND GAVE IT UP TO EARN A TITLE SHE WOULD GET ANYWAY. DOES IT GET ANY MORE BADASS. She fights nonstop and pushes the others to do it too. Her determination and willingness to better herself is incredible. She does what she says she's going to do. And she understands that you have to work for what you want, and isn't afraid of that. I think that's really admirable.

I think she gets a lot of crap because she seems like a one-trick horse, or a major Tomboy/Bokukko stereotype. And I'm not going to say that her issues don't get redundant. But Sully's a little deeper than that. Sully is a walking identity crisis, and a social commentary unto herself. And best of all, through the vessel of Sully's gender problems, we see that all of the Shepherds accept her for who she is, which is really what's important. AND NOW I'M GOING TO RAMBLE ABOUT IT. )

At the end of the day, Sully has to do Sully. Yes, her conflict is really hammered in, and it detracts from making her a character that is truly fleshed out, because only one aspect of her is ever explored. But the conflict in itself is handled well, in my opinion, and this is an age where this conflict is coming up a lot for a lot of women in a variety of ways, and all that will need to be resolved well too. So it's good to have a small example in the media of it.

Unrelated, I love that she says "DAMN" if she dies in battle. Because I'm totally thinking it, and if she says it I don't have to.


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