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Good post. It's easier to swallow Sully's character when you view it this way, IMO, than how the game hands it to us, which like I told you, feels very repetitive.

I'm a little torn about her. She has an identity crisis, but it comes across as hypocritical.

She wants to be treated like a woman but dear God if a man treats Sully like a woman she gets mad at them! I almost feel like maybe she wants the other WOMEN to treat her like A WOMAN and not like a guy. Though she tells Chrom differently I think you're right in assuming she wants to be liked (by others) for who she is and not because she's a "prim & proper lady" or a badass fighting machine, but she just wants a guy that can respect that she isn't a LADY but still treats her like one in that he acknowledges she's a woman but doesn't think that woman = weaker than him.

If that makes sense.

I feel like actually, Sully is really lonely and her supports with Sumia kind of say that Sumia is her type of friend--like, still a fighter, but more of a girly-girl, and I think Sully is super lonely for that kind of companionship--because she's not like Maribelle at all, and Miriel seems too uptight to be a close friend, but Sumia is kind of in the middle there.

Like even if Sully isn't looking to get married I think it's safe to say she wants friends who treat her as their equal--on and off the battlefield.

I sort of imagine that some of the women are like "uhmmm" whenever Sully walks in, because she strikes me as maybe a little bad at the "female socializing" thing, but she proves with Sumia that she's actually got well rounded talents, but she wants genuine friends.

Blah blah anyway I like Sully a little more now than I did, so thanks.

And uhh you should unlock this, yes.
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